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We donate to hospitals and local shelters in the Hudson Valley since we began

Cold Process Soap

Our soaps are made with energy saving technique called cold process

PET containers

Our PET containers are completely recyclable, and is the most recycled plastic in the U.S. Remember to rinse out and recycle


We carefully ship our products with waste reducing techniques 



Whipped Butter Cream is an all natural, organic and vegan Dual Purpose moisturizer line that can be used on both skin and hair.

As an ambitious business woman, Dannelle Dixon started this business as a hobby to help her community with herbal mixtures and remedies. This was meant to serve those close to her and there was no intention to grow the business to the scale it is today. Through word of mouth and producing high quality products the business took on a life of its own. The passion for helping those suffering from chronic conditions drove her to expand the businesses reach thus landing Whipped Butter Cream in stores only seven months after the business was officially formed. By the end of 2021 Whipped Butter Cream was officially in Seven stores with several others on a waitlist

"Nature provides the ingredients and we provide the mixture"